Neron Kaisar The Opera

NERON KAISAR’s Oxford Premiere

The entirety of the first scene of NERON KAISAR, called “Incipit,” will be performed in Oxford (UK) at the Jacqueline du Pré Music Hall, St. Hilda’s College, in conjunction with the Archive for the Performance of Greek and Roman Drama’s colloquium “Performing Epic into the 21st Century.” For more information see:

Event: September 18,, 2014; pre-concert lecture by librettist M. D. Usher at 4:30, followed by performance and discussion.

The piece is scored for 4 solo voices (Nero, Agrippina, Seneca, the Sibyl) and chorus (Senate/Muses), and will be presented with harp and piano accompaniment, under the direction of Gulliver Ralston.

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